Christmas Stocking Fillers for Men

Writing to Father Christmas

The decorations won't be considered till half past Advent at Tweed Towers, but we need to dispatch our letters to Father Christmas a little earlier in order to give him a fighting chance of delivering the goods, do we not? I am wholly convinced you've been nice this year —all our readers are nice — so you should be on the appropriate list (not the naughty one). You might want to emphasise just how nice you have been, with worked examples, to help your case. It's a Christmas meat market out there. Here are a few requests you may wish to sneak in amongst the auto-hagiographical bargaining.

Roullier White - Pewter Cigar Holder (Top)

A timeless cigar holder in pewter for 2 x 8" cigars — administer one after the Christmas Day lunch (around the time of the Queen's Speech), and one at the race or hunt meeting on Boxing Day.

Toscanini Sumisura - Monogrammed (Male) Jacket Hangers

You hear about people buying presents for their pets or even their aunts for Christmas, but never their suits. Why is this? For the pleasure a good suit can bring, this should simply not be the case. Happily, the remedy is simple: Marcello monogrammed hangers for suits and jackets in walnut by Toscanini SuMisura. They also produce matching hangers for trousers and shirts. Perhaps you should consider those too. You don't want them to feel left out on Christmas day.

Pantherella - Cashmere Fair Isle Socks

Pantherella plus Fair Isle plus cashmere equals the ultimate Christmas Day sock. The Duke of Windsor would heartily approve of these socks, which is reason enough for us to pester Father Christmas about them. And just think how good these will look with your grained leather country Derby shoes with Dainite soles when you go for that pre-lunch Christmas walk to open the appetite.

Drinking for Chaps - Gustav Temple and Olly Smith

Father Christmas can purchase a signed copy of Drinking for Chaps from The Idler. The Chap's Gustav Temple and that jolly wine man from the television, Olly Smith, take us on a guided historical tour around the drinks cabinet, explaining the great drinks and drinkers — there's an amusing diversion on Legend of Libation Oliver Reed — and advising on choosing a drink, when to drink it, and how to mitigate the consequences of drinking too much of it.

Quote from the chapter on champagne, The Bubbly Balloon: 'Sparkling wine was, of course, invented by an Englishman in England and is, in some ways, the most English of drinks, mimicking our eccentricity with effortless effervescence.'

Skandium - Finn Juhl Clock

The original Finn Juhl Clock is part of the 1952 design for the Trusteeship Council Chamber of the UN Building in New York. This clock is made to the same specification as the original from the Danish architect and designer but at half the size. Perfect for keeping precise time in your own chambers.

Trumper - Lavender Moustache Wax

Christmas is all about tradition —the goose, the Christmas pudding, the crackers, the egg nog and the moustaches. Yes, moustaches, let's make them part of the tradition. Keep your Christmas moustache respectably neat with Trumper's Lavender Moustache Wax, and have the adorable scent wafting up from your whiskers for the duration of the festive period.

Linley - Aston Chair Paperweight

A replica of Linley's Aston chair as a bronze paperweight. I think we may be too late for this one as they may have sold out, but don't trust me — do check. However, consider this a warning about getting that letter in too late.


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