Santamaria - Q & A

Closed Book Opens

We British are a closed book. We get on with things. We drink our tea and talk about the weather and skirt around how we feel. This should be considered a virtue, not a stigma. Just look at how tedious actors can be with their tell-alls and confessionals. If we do drop our guard and speak from the heart, it's with the quiet dignity of Celia Johnson at the railway station in Brief Encounter — out of earshot of strangers and on a need-to-know basis.

I did, however, get rather close to expressing an emotion myself in a recent Q & A with Santamaria Shirtmakers.

Read it all here >>>

In the Q & A, I recommend the Madrid ready-to-wear shirt (top) for its timeless appeal. The mid-blue colour will match most flavours of tie, and the stripes which will work in a casual or formal situation, such as a meeting in a railway platform refreshment room for a romantic farewell.


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