Timothy Foxx - The Tweed Belt

Tweed Belt from Timothy Foxx

I know you would never overdo the tweed, but you can scale right back with these belts from Timothy Foxx and still say that you are part of the tribe. Flash for entry into the right circles.

These belts are also a way you can still wear a little bit of tweed as you transition into the warmer months. They are made of nubuck leather and tweed with a brass buckle.

You have the Foxglove tweed belt above and the Amber tweed belt below. The belts are made in collaboration with British belt makers Mackenzie and George (who we will have to feature properly. Get in touch M & G.)

Timothy Foxx will be at the Cheltenham Festival this week. Do drop by to doff your trilby and pick up one these 'belters'.


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