Bryan Ferry the Mod

Too Cool to Speak?

Can you spot Bryan Ferry in the photo above? He was a mod in his early days everyone. We shall be running a clothumentary on Bryan soon. (We haven't had one since Dirk Bogarde.) You thought Bryan was too 'cool' to speak? Not so.

In the meantime, at Tweed Towers we've been enjoying the track Loop De Li  [Amazon] from his latest album AvonmoreThe song has the classic Ferry sound (created by the best musicians) that seems to lift the level of sophistication in your surroundings as it plays — like a Gibson martini for the ears.

The equally-sophisticated video for the song was shot by Aoife McArdle and shows a gilded British youth murdering all of his friends. How we've all wanted to do that at some stage.

Bryan Likes Jazz

The recordings from Bryan's side-project the Bryan Ferry Orchestra are well worth a listen. The orchestra released The Jazz Age [Amazon] in 2012, which features Bryan's songs recorded in the style of 1920s jazz; the type of music he enjoyed as a boy.

In the clip below the Bryan Ferry Orchestra do an interesting live cover of Black to Black.


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