The Three Horseshoes - Excellent Pork Pies

Stirring from Slumber

Tweedy is stirring sluggishly from the semi-hibernation triggered after the temperature went below 15°C — a good 7 months of the year in the British Isles. He may now be spotted more frequently in his natural habitat, the pub, building his strength.

A traditional inn with rooms, the The Three Horseshoes is located in the village of Batcombe (Saxon for Bat Valley), Somerset. This is very much a Barbour and wellies country pub, and is popular with walkers wearing the aforementioned. The pub stocks good beers — usually local, like Butcombe — and is recommended by CAMRA, so you can be assured the beer is kept well. The pub also offers food and accommodation. Having such a quiet spot in the village, next to the church and graveyard, you should expect an undisturbed night. There's likely the odd ghost to be found floating around the graveyard, but what would expect in Bat Valley?

Excellent Pork Pies

I was reminded of a Japanese reader at the pub. Pubs remind me of many things. He complains that good British pork pies are not readily available in Japan. (Pork pie makers of Great Britain take note.)

So, sir, the shot below is for you. Imagine yourself enjoying one of those delicious pork pies with a daub of piccalilli as you settle down with your pint by the fireplace. You will likely be visited by a dog who will sit patiently on the flagstone floor waiting for a crumb, swishing its tail slowly and staring with patient eyes to arouse affection. I'm now picturing this scene in the style of a manga comic and we come full circle.


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