Climbing Mount Everest #4 - Fracap Hiking Boot

Have You Gone Yet?

I was wondering if you had embarked on your Everest expedition yet? If not, I've had a rethink on the footwear you are taking. Stick with the Margaret Howell boots, but hang these around your neck by the bootlaces as an alternative.

These handsome hiking boots — the Fracap Scarponcino (Boot) — are hand-made in leather, with a Vibram sole, by the Cappello family in Lecce, Italy.

The family-owned business was founded in 1908 by Antonio Capello. The name of the business became Fracap in the 40s — an agglutination of 'FRAtello (Brothers) CAPpello —  when Antonio's sons Alfredo and Giovanni took over. Fracap footwear has been used militarily in Italy, and is something of a cult brand in Japan.

Tweedy's Question: Does anyone know why many hiking boots have red laces?


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