Sock vs. Daffodil - The Rites of Spring

Daffodils are Ecstatic

The daffodils have risen with narcissistic elation. They now cover the grounds of Tweed Towers in observation of the rites of Spring.

When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Colour is returning to Nature, gentlemen, and we must respond accordingly. You don't need to add much to your person — think tie or sock. We can ramp up the colour in summer. As I've said before, we can't let Nature take all the glory. Clothes are our weapons. Let's face it, people look pretty dull — and often unpleasant — without them.

Brescani Socks - Don't Be Scared

Don't be scared of the latest range of socks from the Pope's sock-maker Bresciani below. You can do this. Just be careful about the clothes you combine. Given the right circumstances and attitude you could even wear the yellow ones with black shoes and a blue suit. In fact, as I have some Bresciani socks similar to that colour I have attempted to prove this above. Dear Bertie is fond of purple.

Purists will bore on that socks should graduate in colour and tone between the trouser and shoe or, oddly, match with their tie. But we want vibrancy here. The aim is to put daffodils in their place — the bloody show offs.

Incidentally, Paul Weller made me buy those trousers as part of a suit. With his promotion of DAKS, I couldn't help trying their new range. If I remember, I will give more info on the suit after I've worn it a while. 


  1. Paul Weller (post the white socks of the Jam) would approve of your yellow socks. See recent(ish) article where the Great Weller discusses everything form yellow to oxblood

    1. Thanks Benedict. The article is behind a firewall, but if Weller approves of yellow we really can't argue.


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