Orlebar Brown - Man and Anemone

Orlebar Brown Collection Inspired by Marine Photography

You've been asking for a short film of men in swimming shorts standing next to adorable dogs and Orlebar Brown has finally delivered. Orelabar's film (below) shows off their summer collection Under Water. If this post seems a trifle unseasonal as you sit reading in your 10-ply Shetland wool sweater— think of it as forward guidance.

The film — if you are not distracted by the dogs, the King Charles in particular — showcases the use of colour and pattern in OB's collection, inspired by coral reefs, the patterns of anemones (see Anemone Konig Print Mid-Length Swim Short above), and award winning marine photography. Perhaps they could have filmed the men swimming in a large fish tank? And I know the ideal place — the very comfortable Radisson Blu in Berlin, which has the mesmerising AquaDom in the middle of its reception.


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