Cigar la Rica

I've had a complaint that we don't feature tobbaconalia enough. I will try and make amends. I don't puff a great deal, but I'm going to Spain soon, so I'll try and pick up a few tubos de cigarros. In the meantime, a La Rica cigar...

Gather Ye Rosebuds

I had been carrying this cigar around all day waiting for the right moment to enjoy it. Suddenly the deities approved and the clocks were stopped: pleasure time. La Rica Nicaraguan cigars are hand made from a Nicaraguan filler with various wrappers. You can see a Corona in the pics — it's my favourite size — with a light Ecuadorian wrapper. I would be lying if I said I wasn't influenced by the look of the tube on this brand.


The cigars are a medium strength. It was nice even burn and lasted about an hour, producing a smooth, sweet and spicy smoke. The cigar matched well with brandy. I must see if cigars work with teas. Could they? Lapsang souchong? It's all about leaves, isn't it?

Nicaragua has the climate and the soil to grow excellent tobacco, and after years of investment it now competes quite readily with brand Cuba.

I couldn't find much information on La Rica, though I believe they are an independent producer. I imagine it as a family-owned business, and picture men with Zapata moustaches in white guayaberas, don't you?


  1. Nice job, I really love your blog! Enjoy knowing about these painfully needed gems ( Sometimes the most painfully, the less we can afford them). Would be a pleasure to join a cup of coffee if you could find a while for visiting Valencia in your next trip to Spain. A devote reader.

    1. Hello Francisco. Thanks for the comment. No plans as yet, but I will mention next time I am in Valencia - a lovely city.


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