Uniformity #3 - The No1 Police Dress of the UK

The No. 1 Police Dress

It's a shame the police forces of Great Britain have largely moved away from their formal uniform into quasi-military 'tactical' uniform.

The Number 1 dress is instantly recognisable and reassuring. It exudes authority, but retains approachability; saying that this person is here to protect and serve, and won't incapacitate you with a taser if you ask them for directions.

Let's see the traditional uniform return to the streets. We want the classic dark navy serge tunic and trousers, white shirts and black tie, a whistle on a chain into the top pocket, the custodian (or bobby) helmet, a traditional wooden truncheon, polished black shoes, a Melton greatcoat for cold weather and Mackintosh cape for wet weather. And we want it all made in the UK.

We want our police looking smart and like grown-ups. We certainly don't want them twirling expandable batons in any hideous combination of fleece jacket, high-visibility tabard, open-necked shirt, combat trousers and (obvious) body armour. Do we?


  1. Uniforms helps us in determining what other people might be doing. Like in a Hotel the front end staff is always in business uniforms. The uniforms help you locate bell persons, maids and service staff.


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