Eels, Come Rain or Shine


I smuggled a few tins of angulas (or elvers) back from my summer trip. I simply adore these tiny little eels (recipes). After steak and kidney pudding (from Rules), angulas might be my favourite thing to eat. Does a British company supply them? Maybe we ship all of ours over to the continent? That would be a shame. I know we like the jellied variety, but let's make sure we're devouring the small ones too.

Broto do a nice-looking tin of angulas. I considered the bearded fisherman on the box as a pin-up. He's just the sort of imperturbable type we look for. A storm off the Beaufort scale? That's not going to alter his plans. The rain it rains.

The Rain it Rains (When I was a Little Tiny Boy)[Amazon] - Spiers and Boden


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