Il Ritorno di Tweedy

"I kiss at last the beloved ground of my land..."

Il Ritorno di Ringo [Amazon] — Ennio Morricone with vocal by Maurizio Graf.

Tweedy's Return

And so, suitably dressed, Tweedy slipped quietly back into his routines. He sipped his tea. The tea was strong, loose-leaf breakfast tea. He needed a clear head. He lifted a shortbread biscuit to his lips and crunched with determination. It was time to begin.


A good, restful holiday (and news blackout) can take off the years more successfully than hair dye and a corset. I spent much of my time floating around in the sea like a plank, wonderfully inactive. Planks have a good life.

Tweedy's Beach Thoughts: Two things help guarantee a good holiday location. Property developers haven't spotted its potential as a place to lure in oligarchs and princelings and priced the locals out. And secondly, the fashion-industrial complex hasn't spotted its potential as a fashion backdrop, then shuttled in vacuous fashion avatars — like Alexa Chung or Olivia Palermo (or whatever their names are, they're entirely interchangeable) — to proclaim the place 'hip'.

Pity the airport experience was so tiresome on the return. We don't expect swaying and chanting peons hurling rose petals in welcome. We wouldn't want the fuss. But can we not expect a modicum of civility and politeness at our borders? When you treat people as suspects, any engagement will inevitably result in conflict.

I did manage to read our summer book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The film version should be remade. I'd start on the script, but Christmas is around the corner.


  1. You will be pleased to note that at least one of your readers has done the same.

    The original 1939 edition of Rogue Male, to my surprise, resides in my local county library system. Quite enjoyable, and thanks for the tip.

    1. Hello Rob. Nice to hear from you. The original edition, eh? Perfect. Hope it had an 'evocative' smell. Bonus points from the book club.


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