Paul Stuart - Anglo-American Autumn Collection

Paul Stuart

Singer Sargent Sweater

One of our most eagerly-awaited periodicals has arrived — the Autumn collection from Paul Stuart.

Please take a look at the full catalogue here and pick out your favourites — all superb quality, all timeless. Tell them Tweedy sent you.

I believe that Edwardian painter John Singer Sargent is an inspiration for the collection this year. He was described as an 'unrivalled recorder of male power', which you can see in one of his portraits above. As Brian Sewell mentions in the video clip at the bottom, Sargent was compared to van Dyck because of the realism of his portrait paintings — at a time when the art world (and political world for that matter) was in such tumult with all those boundary stretching -isms.

We've picked out a couple of shots from the Paul Stuart collection here that reflect that male power, and perhaps the colour palette of Sargent too.

The three-piece full-canvas suit in wool/cashmere above has a fetching double-breasted weskit with a shawl collar.

The jacket below is in a cashmere plaid cloth, which is also fully-canvassed, the green of the ensemble complemented nicely with the deerskin gloves, I must say, if that's not sounding too much like a fashion editor.  

The family of Anglophone countries is well-represented in the Paul Stuart collection (with a liberal dose of made in Italy too). I see labels for Canada, USA, and England; and that coat below is made in Australia, by gad. I think that's the first made in Australia item we've featured.

To Our Aussie Readers: We don't get too much correspondence from our Aussie readers. Do get in touch. One thing I'd like to know is an Australian brand that makes extremely hard wearing trousers in cream colour (possibly other colours). I think sheep-shearers may have used them originally. I used to have a pair, but for the life of me I can't remember the name. Incredible things.


  1. Greetings from Down Under, Mr Tweedy.

    Love you site and visit every day or so. Thank you for a most enjoyable and informative read.

    In regard to your question above, I believe you are thinking of R.M. Williams Stockman's moleskin trowsers. They are still made in Australia, but like most things these days, are under pressure from overseas manufacturing. I have a 12 year old pair that are still going strong.


    1. Hello Australia! Thanks for your kind words Tom. We run on kind words. They could well have been the Williams trousers. Thanks for letting me know. Tweedy.

  2. I think you are, as Tom Mcc says, thinking of RM Williams.

    1. Thanks Anon. Let's see if we can give the Williams name a boost.


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