Celebrate DAKS' Anniversary with Paul Weller

How Could We Not Say Something?

DAKS, the epitome of clean-cut, conservative British style celebrates its 120th anniversary this year. They've pulled in Paul Weller to help showcase their anniversary collections. To say that this collaboration is a good fit is something of an understatement. Paul, master of the clean-cut British mod aesthetic, must have been clapping with his feet at the palette, the cut, and the all-round sartorial classicism of the clothes.

I can't find a great deal of information on what he's wearing in the photos here for the DAKS winter campaign. If you let me know the details, DAKS, I'll add it.

You Do Something to Me

For good measure, here's Paul with his daughter, and fellow musician, Leah in a video short for DAKS directed by Paul Barry. They're singing You Do Something to Me [Amazon] in duet.

Leah is also wearing DAKS. If the attention-seeking branding puppetry of record companies can create as disagreeable a product as Miley Cyrus, the timeless elegance exhibited by Leah in DAKS might just be the antidote.


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