The John Smedley Layer

Autumn Layer

The cool of Autumn starts to be felt in the second half of August. It's not quite time to bring out the sable-lined overcoat, but an additional layer under a jacket is welcome.

This is where John Smedley always help. (Actually, I wear them year round, but I'm pretty nesh.)

I've just added a couple of Smedleys to my collection (a green one and a red one) to fit specific under-jacket purposes. I tend to favour their 30-gauge extra fine merino sweaters for layering under jackets, as they're suitably thin.

Green One

A green Smedley v-neck sweater to sit under this vintage cashmere and lambswool flannel glen check jacket:

It just about allows a standard size Brooks Brothers button-down collar to poke through.

Red One

A brick-red crew neck to sit under this silk jacket:

I don't think I'm doing justice to the sweater or jacket in the photos here. They deserve better.

The cloth of the jacket, which is made in Italy for Maison Martin Margiela, is a wondrous heavy, non-shiny silk — loose-weave, but not quite a hopsack — that's a delight to wear. This is not a label I'm apt to wear (or cover), as there's a clear danger of heading into 'fashion' territory — so I bring in the tie and sweater with the hope of rendering timeless.

I tucked in the sweater for a '20s Brideshead, Sebastian-in-Morocco-style ambiance. Not sure that worked either. It all looks a bit unbalanced, as if I have legs like Jerry Hall. I'm sure you get the gist though.


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