The Bearable Lightness of Scabal

Scabal Summer Cloths

If you're thinking of ordering a summer suit - and congratulations on your optimism UK-based readers - Scabal has brought out some fine new summer-weight cloths.

In the photos we have a jacket in check cloth from their Riviera range. Weighing in at 240g, it's a twill weave in 60% linen and 40% cotton. Very nice.

Their Monterey Bay range offers cloth in 70% Super 100's wool and 30% kid mohair, weighing in at 240g.

I'm not sure if either range is produced in Scabal's British mills, like their Diamond Chip.

Don't Use Heat as an Excuse to be a Scruffbag

At the first sign of sunshine, normally sane people start to think that flip-flops and baseball caps are acceptable to wear in the street. It really isn't necessary to walk around undressed. Heat just requires lighter fabrics and lighter, brighter colours. Just think of our dear long-lost friend Clifford Klenk.


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