Smell Like The Great Gatsby

How to smell like Jay Gatsby? Well, he had a few choices in the 1920s that are still around today. Let's consider three possibilities.

Blenheim Bouquet

A scent from Penhaligon's makes sense. Understated, elegant and very English. Something jazz-age Anglo-Americans would naturally gravitate towards, I'm imagining.

Created in 1902, I can see Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet jostling for space in Gatsby's bathroom. A classic scent - as they all are here - of citrus, pine and gentlemanly discretion.

Knize Ten

A scent of Habsburgian splendour, Knize Ten was created in Vienna in 1925 by Joseph Knize for his family's business. Knize is still going strong in the heart of Vienna, its oldest branch at Graben 13 retaining an original Art Nouveau exterior and interior.

Knize 10 is named after the top rating for a polo player. It's a bit of an acquired smell, truth be told. But, to my nose, glorious - with the scent of soap with tobacco and leather. The right era, but the date's a little late for Gatsby. I'm convinced he would have enjoyed it though. We may have more on this hidden gem later. Splendid, no nonsense bottle.

[Old posts on Vienna here. One of Tweedy's favourite cities.]

Acqua di Parma

The original Acqua di Parma Colonia was created in 1916 (in Parma, Italy, of course) and sold in local gent's outfitters. It came to be highly-regarded by the right people in the right places, of which we can assume Jay Gatsby was one. Cary Grant was another.

Rightly regarded as a classic, the scent is distilled by hand and has a light, clean citrus and rose smell. The packaging is wonderful, with the paper 'hatbox' in the distinctive Parma yellow and the Art Deco bottle and Bakelite lid.

Tweedy's Grooming Squad 2012

That's my grooming squad for 2012 above. Acqua di Parma always makes any starting line-up, Colonia is the Lionel Messi of scents. I might transfer one or two players in and out each year, but you will always want 180ml of dependable Colonia in your team.

Actually, there's not much here that Gatsby couldn't have used.

For England/UK:

Daines and Hathaway Military Wet Pack
Kent Brushes
Truefitt and Hill Limes Cologne and Styling Paste
Yardley Citrus & Wood and Lavender Brilliantine
Floris Santal
Trumper's Lime Skin Food and Almond Shaving Cream
Penhaligon's Castile
Mrs White's Absolute Gentleman
Brylcreem Original Light Glossy Hold
D. R. Harris Crystal Hair Cream

For Italy:

Acqua di Parma Colonia
Prep Cream

Colonies & Rest of the World:

Ralph Lauren Polo 


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