Dean Chalkley - The New Mod Faces

Activists in Style

Remember the review of Mod - A Very British Style? Come on, it wasn't that long ago. Well, after you've refreshed your memory, you may be interested to know that the cover of the book used images from photographer and film-maker Dean Chalkley's New Faces project, capturing contemporary "activists in style".

Dean Chalkley sounds like a mod name somehow. Perhaps this was his destiny.

Dean's photos have such great verve. We've picked out some of the clothing detail here, but do take a look at the full collection. And the accompanying film below. You can see why Dean is in such demand as a commercial photographer beyond his art projects.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a 'face' and you're in London next month, why not catch up with some of the New Faces at the Inner City Soul Club.


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