Sounds of The Great Gatsby

Tech Foray Shock at The Tweed Pig

We've never strayed into the 'tech sector' at The Tweed Pig, but I wanted to draw your attention to the radio above and a radio station for it below. Join the two together and you enter the soundscape of The Great Gatsby.

Revo Radio - Made in Scotland

The radio is a Heritage, made in Scotland by our soon-to-be chums at Revo. You read that right - Scotland. Not South Korea, not China, but our very own Scotland. And a splendid thing it is too. Very easy on the eye, fashioned of anodised aluminium and wood veneer, with rubber on top. Perhaps a bit of tweed wouldn't have gone amiss. You can listen to thousands of internet radio stations on it. It has 5 preset buttons for your favourite stations at the front, but you can add more through a Favourites menu.

Radio Dismuke

So far, only two stations have garnered a coveted front button position on the Heritage. The excellent Bossa Nova Breakfast, which I play compliantly at breakfast, and Radio Dismuke, our subject today. And the great thing with these stations is that you get none of the tedious news items and self-promotion you get every five minutes on the BBC stations.

Radio Dismuke plays 1920s and 30s jazz and dance band music, the perfect thing for getting you into a Gatsby frame of mind. With my marketing head on, it would have made great sense for someone to have thrown a little sponsorship at this wonderful little station to tie in with the film. They deserve support and recognition for keeping this kind of music alive.

Tweedy's Buttons: If you're a cracking radio station and you think you deserve a button, get in touch. I want constant, quality music - see music for an idea of what's played at Tweed Towers - and no news interruptions. Can you deliver? Is there a 'Radio Countertenor'? Maybe our recent good friend Iestyn Davies would know?


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