Brooks Brothers - Gatsby Wears Moon

Abraham Moon for Brooks Brothers

What happened to the film release of The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio? We were heralding its arrival last year and then nothing happened. No matter, it looks like it's happening now.

We have more clothing detail, gents. Brooks Brothers have released a tie-in collection of jazz-age accessories, which includes the jacket above. The White and Navy Stripe Regatta Blazer is made of fine English cloth, a wool and cotton blend, from our dear Yorkshire friends at Abraham Moon. One to tuck away for Henley in July too.

Peal and Co Shoes

The English theme continues in the collection with the White Buck Wingtip (brogue) above. The Peal & Co. shoe (see here for thrilling mystery starring Peal & Co.) is in white nubuck leather with a Vibram sole, so you won't slip on spilt mint julep.

Video of Brooks Brothers Collaboration on The Great Gatsby

Here's a nice little film with the costume designer for The Great Gatsby, Catherine Marton, discussing the very well-fitted and natural collaboration with Brooks to create the men's clothes for the film.


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