British Collaborators: Cherchbi & Amies

Art is a Collaboration

We love a good collaboration at The Tweed Pig. Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing Little Drummer Boy - that was a terrific one, knocking Dietrich's version into a cocked hat. And there's Marty Scorsese and Robert de Niro, a fine pairing.

Perhaps art is always a collaboration in one way or another. Gide had something to say on that.

Shared belief and chemistry between the collaborators might be the key to whether it works or not.

Cherchbi and Hardy Amies

Let's add two fine British companies to our list of collaborations that work, with this year's (not so recent, no excuses but we've been busy) project between Cherchbi and Hardy Amies.

Amies and Cherchbi have a common vision and distinct British ethos. It was a natural collaboration. Cherchbi created the bags to compliment Amies' current winter collection. Despite the tardiness on our part, we can justify mentioning this still because:

a: Winter has a habit of lingering in the UK.
b: The bags are timeless British classics.

The materials used for the bags include a 'Bauhaus tartan' wool check, pony skin and oiled leather. The bags have the solidity and quality you would expect from Cherchbi and are available through Hardy Amies.

Crosby, Bowie, Dietrich, Scorsese and de Niro would all approve, I feel amply qualified to say.

More on Cherchbi.
More on Hardy Amies.


  1. The blue bag at the bottom is stunning - although I've come across Cherchbi I hadn't see this one before. Must start saving...

    Oh and great blog - keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Emma. Are you the Tweed Bag lady? Let's add a link:


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