Wolf People Don't Bite - Fain

Wolf People Sound Like Where They Come From

They may play songs that are a bit noisier than our usual music fare, but let's not be scared off - Wolf People don't bite.

The English folk-rockers sing with genuine British accents and use real instruments. The fashion for this appears to ebb and flow. British pop music seems cod-American in style and substance at the moment. And it's largely style (and over-production) over substance. Is there a guitar in the top 40? Who's to blame? Simon Cowell? Champion gurner Robbie Williams? You? Me? No, it can't be you or me.

As artisans of hand-crafted British music, with genuine provenance, Wolf People stitched together every little note and chord to produce this extraordinary piece of ready-to-hear music, All Returns, from their album Fain [Amazon: CD& MP3]on the Indiana-based Jagjagjaguwar label.

You could jolly well imagine Wolf People supporting Cream or Fairport Convention with this sort of stuff.


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