Yardley Brilliantine - The Future is Kempt

But It Never Went Away

Many readers have written in to tell me to pull myself together following the rather alarmist tone of a post that intimated Yardley weren't making their English Lavender Brilliantine any more.

The true of the matter is that they are still making the brilliantine in the UK and it is available in all the right places, including Yardley's own web site.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't stock up for the future. I've amassed a few jars, just in case. The future's looking kempt.

Breaking Yardley News

Yardley has a new owner, Wipro the Indian IT giant. I'm sure there's a 'synergy', to use the business jargon, that we're not seeing. Our dear friend Tom Keene, over at Blooomberg, would have an opinion on this.

You look after that perfume house Wipro. It's been around much longer than you.


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