So Rare - Barry Humphries and His Music

Actor, singer, painter, writer, female impersonator, wearer of fedora hats and floppy Deco haircuts, Barry Humphries does it all.

You'll know all of this, but did you know about the compilations he made of his favourite gramophone records for Bilarm Music in Australia - the So Rare series?

Forget Dubstep

For the So Rare series, Barry compiled some of his favourite vintage 78 song recordings from the 20s and 30s, which were transferred to CD (So Rare 1, So Rare 2, So Rare 3, So Rare 4).

Forget dubstep, it's time to get back to the two-step.

Very hard to get hold of these recordings in the UK. It might be easier where you are. The music is obviously perfect as background for afternoon tea. We tend to indulge in far more teas through winter at Tweed Towers, I don't know about you?

It's also good shaving music, but, ahem, beware singing the lyrics of Hildegarde's So Rare back to yourself in the mirror.


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