Bushido at the Breakfast Table

"Breakfast for one at nine please. Green figs, yoghurt, coffee, very black."

Like a steely-eyed assassin from Kurosawa's Seven Samurai I wielded my new pocket knife at the breakfast table. I was using it to cut figs and enjoy a James Bond-style figs and yoghurt breakfast - like the one he ate in From Russia with Love when he was in Istanbul.

I'm a 'Full English' with black pudding man normally, and I'm not sure the knife's meant for the task, but I was eager to try it out. I've earmarked it for fruit and salami cutting ops in the summer hols next year. It performed reasonably well.

Higonokami Penknife from Toast

The knife is a traditional Japanese carpenter's knife. Made in Japan, it is available from Toast in the UK. The triple-layered carbon steel blade opens out from the brass handle like a straight razor. A beauty.

I think we'll move on to cover more gentleman's knives, actually. I know a few Sheffield names we should introduce.


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