Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company - Decorous Designs

Interior Fabrics Woven in Suffolk, England

The Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company has been weaving interior fabrics in Sudbury for over 100 years. The company creates historical reproductions of wallpapers, upholstery and drapery for period interiors. Through Creative Director, Russell Sage, Gainsborough is also known for its collaborations with contemporary designers such as Tom Dixon and Paul Smith (and his trademark stripes).

Quality is All

Neil Thomas, Director at Gainsborough, emphasises the one guiding principle of the company - quality:

"The one constant throughout our production is quality. We do not compromise in any part of our production which includes spinning, dyeing and weaving, which all take place on the same site. We deal with all of the production processes in-house, so all of our fabrics are very labour intensive."

You can see examples of their work in Downing Street and Wimborne House (below).

A Duchess of Cambridge Connection

Gainsborough are most proud of the recent installations for the refurbishment of The Goring Hotel, London, a family-run hotel which has been in operation for as long as Gainsborough.

The Royal Suite (above and below) was used by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, before her marriage to Prince William.

A classic yet modern interior. The Goring could have followed the hotel herd and refurbished with a predictable moderno-bland interior, and a boring roll call of the usual designer names. Fine, but following fashion often means shocking expense to look the same as everywhere else and to date rapidly. It would have meant also that the room could be anywhere. Instead they have successfully retained a welcoming sense of warmth and personality. And by sourcing local heritage manufacturers, such as Gainsborough, the décor says something about The Goring's history and location.


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