Alfred Sargent Shoes 1899

The good thing about covering classic companies is that there is less risk you will miss a particular product that you fancy. If it's in the range, and there's good demand, it's likely to be there for a while.

Northampton's English shoemakers are generally a reliable bunch. They won't suddenly scare off their discerning customers with a flip-flop range or a stacked-heel ankle boot.

The mysterious Alfred Sargent are a little less forthcoming than some of the Northampton greats, but their shoes have the styles and the quality you associate with the best.

About Alfred Sargent

Alfred Sargent formed his eponymous shoe-making company in 1899 in Northampton, England. It is still owned by the latest generation of Sargents, managed by Paul and Andrew, and is still based in Northampton.

Alfred Sargent make to order and has Exclusive and Handgrade ranges.

A classic Tweed Pig company, no less, which we can't ignore as we slowly build our repository. When we're done you'll be able to ignore all fashion analysis and punditry for ever. (If you want to.)

Tweedy's Plea: If you're a classic product that fits the pages of The Tweed Pig, don't be shy, get in touch. We have space for you in our repository.

We'll pick out a couple of pairs of Sargent's that take our eye (and fill out the post a little). Let's face it, is there anything nicer to do than looking at the fine detail of glorious English shoes?


From the Handgrade range how about the handsome Warwick monk? The green calfskin is beautiful. You don't see a lot of shoes in that colour. I had a pair of shoes in almost that shade many years ago. I forget the maker, but I did enjoy wearing them and made a vague point of seeking out more green shoes. Green works.

I'd like to see more shoes in workable shades of green, and red, actually.

Excellent shoes for walking past the Fisher Building in Chicago.


From the Exclusive range the Lombard is a sturdy brogue boot. The contrasting laces and mixed-material sole give the boot a certain manly charisma.

Magnificent boots for fishing for sea bass from the Cobb in Lyme Regis.


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