Sport in Amsterdam - Corgi and Cream Teas

The Tweed Pig vs. Amsterdam

A confession readers. I'm having trouble keeping the good ship Tweedy on an even keel right now. You may have spotted a certain erraticism creeping in, along with one or two 'technical glitches'.

The thing is I'm caught up in wedding celebrations in Amsterdam and there are just too many bloody diversions here. Being Amsterdam, the diversions won't translate readily into Tweed Pig fodder. However, I've set aside a little time to submit a field report while I remain gleefully trapped here.

A Cream Tea Oasis - Greenwoods English Tea Room

If you find the flagrant hedonism of Amsterdam all too much, you should try one of the Greenwoods Tea Rooms for a reviving cream tea or high tea.

My Travelling Companions - Corgi Hosiery

I am lucky enough to be on the trip with two of the most comfortable companions I've ever known. Step forward Handmade Cashmere Socks by CORGI. Seen with Clarks desert boots and moleskin trousers above. With the desert boots, I'm not sure my feet could ever be more comfortable yomping round the canals of the Dutch capital.

We'll be doing a big feature on Corgi soon, mark my words.

THE Song of Amsterdam

H'm, who to sing us THE song of Amsterdam? Brel? Walker? Bowie? I think it has to be Walker. Probably the finest English-language version. Best listened to while grazing on a stroopwafel or two, or possibly enjoying a De Olifant.


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