Glove Story - Dents in the Car

Dents Increases theirs Manufacturing Base

Dents, the ancient glove and accessories manufacturer, was established by John Dent in 1777. It has been based in Warminster, Wiltshire, England for more than 200 years, where the gloves in their heritage collection are made. Dents heritage gloves are hand cut, and with the finest gloving leather supplied by our friends at Pittards.

Good news that they are expanding production in the town with the opening of a new purpose-built factory. The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, officially opened Dents' new Warminster factory, which replaces their 1937 premises. After opening the factory and being given a tour, Princess Anne was presented with a pair of Dents gloves. The company has a long Royal connection, having supplied the gloves for the coronation of King George VI in 1937 and the Queen's coronation in 1953.

Dents in the Car

Might I present my own pair of Dents gloves? The Crochet Back Driving Glove. Not required for any coronation, as far as I'm aware. King Tweedy?

I'm a fan of the super-classic crochet-back, or string-back, driving glove. Every car should have a pair. The crochet-back gives the flexibility required at the wheel, the leather palms the grip. Comfortable.

They look nice with a covert coat too, as you browse a flea-market, say, looking for old Blue Note albums. More on Blue Note covers in a future post.

Hand in Perfect Glove

If you're thinking of pushing the (glove) boat out,  might I also draw your attention to the Handsewn Cashmere Lined Peccary Glove. The King amongst Dents' men's range, it has peccary outer and Scottish cashmere lining. Beautiful glove. They come in brown and black, but the yellowy cork version (below) is rather fetching.

Be careful with these. They are not the sort of gloves you want to leave on a bus seat.

Dents Glove Museum

After the move to the new premises, Dents' factory shop and glove museum are open for visits Monday to Saturday. Amongst the exhibits are the Queen's coronation gloves, a chicken skin glove and even Nelson's blood-stained glove (below).

You can also pick up your own pair of gloves and take a bit of living history home. You'll need to add your own blood-stains.


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