Tracklements Christmas Chutney

Tracklements Christmas Chutney

I like the story of the Saturday morning sausage and mash parties that were a feature when Tracklements, the artisan mustard and relish makers, started in the 1970s. The parties were arranged for tastings of their first mustard. Since then Tracklements have added many products to their range, with new mustards, pickles, sauces and chutneys, and maybe more mustard-based parties.

For the festive season they offer us Christmas Chutney. With the flavours of apple and cranberries and yuletide spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice. A good dollop is a nice accompaniment to a Turkey sandwich or a piece of game pie. Or some cheese.

The photo above is an artist's impression of our jar. We opened ours the other day and just kept dipping in. Tasty stuff. But we made the jar less photogenic the more we dipped. We resolved to get another jar, but our local stockist has been wiped out. Lessons need to be learnt here.

Chutney Spoon

I know what you're thinking, "The chutney looks delicious, but I don't have a chutney spoon." Do not panic. The Tweed Pig has located just the spoon. Abbey Horn has a selection of chutney spoons in bone and horn (first below). The spoon has a long handle to reach to the bottom of the chutney jar. You have options perhaps you never thought you'd have with the selection of your chutney spoon. You can select the colour of horn and have the spoon monogrammed. What better for the chutney-lover in your life.

While we're on the subject of dipping spoons into things, they also make a nice selection of caviar spoons and spreaders in horn too if you prefer saltier tastes. As you'll no doubt be aware, metal cutlery will taint the taste of caviar, so horn (or mother of pearl) is recommended. Nice silver-tipped caviar spoon at the bottom there.

If you're feeling particularly horny, more on Abbey in the New Year.


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  2. Thanks for your positive comments, Jonah. We're glad you've come across The Tweed Pig. Keep in touch with us. Follow our blog. We're also in Facebook and Twitter Best wishes, and looking forward to your future visits, Tweedy

  3. For goodness sake man please get the blog going again, I´m starting to have withdrawal symptoms!

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