Music to Button a Cardigan By: I'll Love You Forever Today

Cliff Richard - The Mod Years

Tied-in with the corduroy theme this week at The Tweed Pig, we bring a young Cliff Richard to the latest of our Music to Button a Cardigan By series.

Certainly, Cliff qualifies for being a British classic, with a record-breaking six decades of music making and countless number one hits. That's his first qualification for inclusion here. The second is this song, I'll Love You Forever Today, from the soundtrack to the film Two a Penny. Cliff also starred in the film, and you can see him below in a clip from the film singing the song as a mod serenading a young girl on a double-decker bus. As always, nice to see some vintage London scenes.

I think it's fair to say the tune is a bit of a hidden gem and it goes on many a playlist here at Tweed Towers. Could it be Cliff's best work?

Actually, we may do another Cliff-related feature some time. I've always been a fan of the film Expresso Bongo. Cliff, if you're reading this, any Expresso Bongo anecdotes you'd like to pass on? Maybe tips on brewing espresso or playing bongo?


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