Trumper's Skin Food Protects Against Over-Kissing

Protect Your Face from Over-Kissing this Christmas with Trumper's Skin Food

If I know you, your face will no doubt be subject to the onslaught of Christmas kisses over the festive season. Best to get that skin in tip-top condition and ready to receive. What your face needs, in fact, is feeding so that it's protected against any kiss-induced chafing.

We're not saying you need to rub Christmas pudding over your mush, no we're talking specifically about skin food. Coral Skin Food from Geo. F. Trumper has a glycerine base and is fragranced with rose water.

You can use the skin food as an after-shave balm or as a pre-shave to soften bristles, or before and after shaving if you like.

Being glycerine-based, it is non-oily but conditions and protects the skin, making it eminently kissable. Once applied, all you need to do is stand near the mistletoe and wait.


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