Cup of Rosy Lee

Rosy Lee

We haven't done a post on tea for a while. That doesn't mean that the buckets of chain store coffee served on the high street have won. No one takes the tea out of The Tweed Pig. No, sir.

To reinforce the fact, let us introduce you to our latest tea champions - Rosy Lee Tea London. Note to our foreign chums: Rosy Lee is cockney rhyming-slang for tea.

About Rosy Lee

Young Mrs Tweed shared a pot of tea and a slice of Victoria sponge with founder Lorraine Rogers to find out more. Between sips, Lorraine explained how the company started:

"The idea came about back in 2008 whilst my husband was studying the knowledge [rigorous training course for London taxicab drivers]. I decided to start a tea business aimed at the cultural tourist. We were lying in bed one evening thinking of a name when my husband just came out with, 'it's got to be Rosy Lee!' Could you get any more British?

So the next day we looked the name up to see if anyone else had it. There were a few variations , so I applied for the trademark and it turned out that Tetley [big tea company, now owned by Tata of India] had it, but it was about to expire! I contacted them explaining that I was a mum of four looking to start up my own business, that there was a charity angle, I will be donating a percentage of profits to the Pearly Society.

Tetley said yes, you can have it! So after many, many cups of tea, I found the great tasting Assam/Kenyan blend from a Tea House here in london. The inspiration for the tin design came from the 'Keep Calm and Carry on Poster' of the 1940's. I also wanted to feature the Pearly Kings, but have a contemporary feel."

[Good for Tetley, thought Young Mrs Tweed, as she stabbed another piece of Victoria sponge with her bone-handled dessert fork.]

Where to Drink it 

Rosy Lee Tea supply their tea to some interesting places, such as the Museum of London, The Imperial War Museum, HMS Belfast, the Whitechapel Art Gallery Cafe, Albion Cafe and The Clerkenwell Kitchens. Look out for the distinctive red label if you're visiting the UK.

What to Drink it From

Rosy Lee Tea has collaborated with ceramic designer Ali Miller to create the rather charming tea set you see below. What a lovely little teacup, with that British Isles motif. As we never tire of saying here at The Tweed Pig, tea always tastes better in a china tea cup and saucer. And, of course, you can balance a couple of biscuits on the saucer. Living the dream.


  1. Cheers Mrs Tweed, and Seasons Greeting! All the Best from Rosy Lee Tea !


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