Baggage Allowance - Brady Bags of Walsall

Brady Bags - Made in England since 1887

Brady Bags was established in 1887 in the English Midlands city of Birmingham by brothers John and Albert Brady, and the company is still locally owned and with a Brady family connection. They continue to make their bags by hand in nearby Walsall using quality British materials and craftsmanship.

One of Brady's classic designs is the Ariel Trout Bag, which was first produced in the 1920s. It's available in different sizes and in heavy duty canvas (khaki version below), wool (dog-tooth version above) or English saddlery leather. Beautiful things and very well constructed.

You can see why Nigel Cabourn was eager to collaborate with Brady.

The canvas version has a removable rubber lining, the leather version cotton check. You can purchase replacements linings and also the useful pocket insert (below). With one of these bags at your side, fishing could well be easier too, as I'd imagine that the trout, full of admiration, would be jumping out of the river to take a closer look. They know a good bag when they see one.  


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