Bigham's - Pies Before My Eyes

Who doesn't enjoy a nice pie? Given the choice of lobster thermidor or a decent steak and kidney pie, my head and heart will both be urging me to go for the pie, and they would probably be right. And there are some excellent pies around nowadays.

Take Charlie Bigham's pies. They produce such pie staples as steak and mushroom, steak and ale, shepherd's and chicken and mushroom to purchase and devour from the comfort of your own home. As they say, "comfort food of the Gods."

As a special Valentine's Day treat this year, I surprised young Mrs T with Bigham's Valentine's steak and ale pies-a-deux and a couple of bottles of IPA. Not sure it was exactly what she had in mind for a romantic meal, but they were very good pies. Setting the scene with flickering candles and The George Sander's Touch - Songs for the Lovely Lady playing in the background, I think I pulled it off. I might go for the Shepherd's pie next year.

Listen out for a name-check of your favourite pie in this song from Gustav Temple and The Blades, the very same Gustav Temple of more recent The Chap anarcho-dandyist fame.


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