Trench Coat Warfare #2: Aquascutum

Right-thinking mods, with their eye for detail, will always keep a trench coat in their armoury. Paul Weller's been wearing variations on the trench for many years.

The trench coat I'm wearing here is a tan-coloured example by Aquascutum (meaning watershield). Incidentally, I think Weller's wearing an Aquascutum scarf in the top photo. Made in Italy, this coat isn't made from a fully-waterproof rubber-bonded cotton material, rather it's a heavy but soft cotton that will resist a decent shower.

The coat has epaulettes, single vent, waist belt and cuff straps with leather buckles, and a storm flap over the shoulders to the front. It's pretty thick and lined, so more of a coat for the colder months. It has some D-rings on the belt as a throwback to its military history too.


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