An Easy Weekend In Prague - Saturday PM: Around the Old Town Square

Old Tweedy seeks out the places that have stood the test of time, that rise above the trends and the noise - the institutions - shops, cafes, bars, clothes that you know will always be around, or at least that's the hope. If this post is valid in ten, twenty years time, that's the point.

A bowl of Bread

In terms of food, as well as the multi-ethnic establishments and fast-food chains you will find in any major city, you can find places in Prague that still prepare traditional Czech dishes. I like the soups where the bowl is made of bread, so you can eat it on your way down. Really delicious.

I'm a sausage fan too, who isn't? - so there is nothing nicer for me than sitting in one of the beer halls that are tucked away with a plate of grilled sausage and pickled cabbage, and a glass of Pilsner Urquell. Whenever I'm in Prague I always head for U Vejvodu. Past a shop that sells shaving brushes and Samurai swords and one called Sherlocka Holmese, I'm always grateful to see its familiar green sign. Sufficiently fortified, I later call in on the hidden gem of a pub called U Pinkasu for a nightcap. 


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