Trench Coat Warfare #3: Mackintosh

Mackintosh has such an association with raincoats that the name mac has become a general term for such coats. As I've said before, it's always a good idea to go to a specialist if you want quality. And macs are what Mackintosh do.

Striking Trench Coat Touches

Their coats were first sold in 1824 and made of the proper rubber-bonded cotton that is totally waterproof. Brilliantly, this type of coat is still being made in the UK. They have moved into other styles of coat and other fabrics, but not too far, and there have been some interesting collaborations, such as the one with the French multi-media brand and fashion label Kitsune.

Such is the appreciation and demand for the brand in Japan, it was almost inevitable that it would be bought by a Japanese company, as it was in 2007. The Japanese generally respect heritage, provenance and workmanship - so their custodianship over the last few years has been positive. I like all their new styles, but there's a gap in my wardrobe that could very easily be filled with the Downfield Short (pictured) in particular, with its striking trench coat touches.

Note to German readers, I've seen Mackintosh coats on sale in the wonderful Manufactum shop in Munich.


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