An Easy Weekend In Prague - Saturday AM: Stroll to the Castle District

It's quite nice to head into the city of Prague from the airport using the metro. The first station you can access is Dejvicka, which was known in Communist times as Leninova after Lenin. There used to be a statue of Lenin in there. I can understand why it was removed along with the name. The tube is relatively new, the first stations came into operation during the 70s, but it has a sort of futurist deco feel about it, with its copper and marble modernism.

Eminently Walkable Prague

The centre of Prague is eminently walkable, so on Saturday I stroll from Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square and up to the Castle District. The root takes me back into the centre over Most Legii (another bridge). Perfect for calling in at the wonderful art deco cafeteria Kavarna Slavia for cake and a break from the chill air. Thankfully, as anticipated, my Cro' Jack cardigan is performing wonderfully. Most pleased with it. With my trusty travel companion, the Lavenham quilted jacket, I'm well prepared for the weather.


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