Coate's for Shaving and Brushing

Our friends at the The Gentleman's Shop have been in touch to bring you some news on the cult British grooming brand, Coate's.
Brushes from Coate's
The Gentleman's Shop are busy reinvigorating the brand by reintroducing its shaving cream and hairbrushes, including the Coate's 36 satinwood club handle beauty above. Shaving soap and aftershave balms will follow.

Coate's was founded in 1847 by James Coate. The company exhibited their range of hair and shaving products, and toothbrushes, at the 1851 Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace. The company was originally based in Bow, London, then moved to Chard, Somerset & Axminster, Devon in 1883. For some time it shared its Somerset facilities with Simpson Shaving Brushes, after Simpson's factory was bombed in the Second World War.

Coate's is now located in Hungerford, England, where The Gentleman's Shop is based, and the rich heritage of manufacturing the highest quality shaving products available continues.

It is great to hear that all of the current Coate's products are being made in England. These are massively in demand abroad. Come on us Brits, let's take our grooming seriously, smarten up and support our local manufacturers and retailers. Tweedy out.


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