Pashion for Pashley

When looking for a new bike, I was determined that it wouldn't be some over-designed monstrosity churned out from a South Korean mega-factory. I also wanted to be able to sit in an upright, comfortable position. My old mountain bike forced me to sit in a ludicrous hunched posture. Trips to India made me fall in love with old-style, unfussy bikes. Could I find a similar one here and, hope against hopes, could I find a British manufacturer that could supply it?

I located one or two acceptable looking Dutch bikes and a nice one from the Danish company Skeppshult, but then I stumbled on the web site of Pashley Cycles. My heart raced. I read the opening paragraph:
No to over-designed monstrosities
'Pashley - England's longest established bicycle manufacturer. Founded in 1926 and based in Stratford-upon-Avon.'

So far so very good. I clicked through the pages showing the models of bikes. I saw the first bike. I wanted it. I saw the second bike. I wanted that too. In fact, I wanted them all. Pashley it would be, but which model? In the end, it had to be the majestic Roadster Sovereign.

Beatific grin
With its large frame and 28" wheels the Roadster Sovereign is such a marvellously elegant and serene ride. In fact, its such a pleasure to ride I find it hard to remove a kind-of beatific grin from my slightly self-satisfied face when I'm in the seat. When I glide around tinging my bell at bemused passers-by the thing engenders a feeling of joyful giddiness in me. Let's call it the Pashley effect.

Frankly, I might look a bit mad.

I was delighted that I could find a bike made in the UK, and one that has brought me so much pleasure. One thing I regret, though, is not getting a basket on the front for chucking in newspapers and cheese and plums when I pop to the shops. I will get around to it.


  1. Beautiful bicycle. I'm green with envy. Do you watch the Father Brown mysteries? He rides a Pashley and it fits right in to the period.

    1. Thanks Bradley. The new Father Brown? I don't have a TV license, but I think the series is on Netflix now. I'll check out his bike! I should review the Kenneth More series for Tweed TV. Best wishes, Tweedy


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