Hyperion Records - Better than Bungee Jumping

Indie Music Isn't Dead

Hyperion Records is a British independent classical record label that produces wonderful recordings. Described as Britain's brightest record label, they have a surprising knack of producing albums that I want to own. I first dipped into their catalogue with their Henry Purcell recordings. Purcell: The Complete Odes and Welcome Songs is a particular favourite, featuring the wonderful countertenor, James Bowman and tenor Rogers Covey-Crump. James Bowman was also the star countertenor for Handel: English Arias, another favourite.

When I muse on life's mission, in idle moments usually when I'm meant to be working, I think how nice it would be to own the entire back catalogue of Hyperion Records. That's my kind of ambition. Not for old Tweedy wanting to jump off a bridge connected to a piece of elastic, thank you very much.


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