James Herriot - Focus on the Tweed

All Creatures Great & Small ran as a TV series from 1978 to 1990. Featuring Christopher Timothy as James Herriot, the series was based on the best-selling books of James Wright and his experiences as a rural vet.

Internal examinations
All Creatures Great & Small was cheerful, heart-warming television interspersed with the occasional internal examination of a cow. So popular are the stories of James Herriot, that the World of James Herriot continues to attract fans to Thirsk in Yorkshire — Herriot country.
Don't stint on the tweed
After such a gap since the series ended, and considering the continued popularity, the world is ready for a remake. If they do remake the series, I hope they don't stint on the tweed (or try to 'modernise' the storylines). The original series was possibly the most tweed-heavy TV series in history.

Herriot Country

Nobody wore it better than actor and English longbowman Robert Hardy, who played the blustery Siegfreid Farnon.

But, then again, he was a dapper chap in real life.

Fair Isle and tweed synergy
Peter Davidson, playing Siegfried's harebrained younger brother Tristan, almost always wore a nice colour-matched Fair Isle under his tweed jackets  — clothing synergy that has few rivals.


  1. I loved every minute of All creatures great and small, shame the tv cant run it again! Mick Moore Mallorca

  2. Thanks Mick. I heard the theme tune on the radio the other day. Very evocative. It would be nice to see all the old episodes run again. All the best, Tweedy.


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