Brooks England - Saddle Phwoar

Cycling Heaven

If you've ever been to Forte dei Marmi in Italy, a cycling heaven, you will have noticed that the Italians take their bicycles very seriously, much like their clothes. And, generally, if they want the best saddle they go for a Brooks of England saddle.

Established in 1866, Brooks are extremely well-regarded for their saddle-making heritage and manufacturing quality. Pashley also recognise this and there's a nice black sadlle that came with my Roadster Sovereign. My posterior is very grateful for this 3-sprung touring saddle, which makes for a most comfortable sit down, and will probably last longer than me.

In a low-key effort to 'pimp my ride', I also added Brooks' plump leather hand grips, which are ageing attractively, which is more than can be said for me.


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