Abraham Moon Mission

Yorkshire Tweed

A jacket in Yorkshire tweed from M&S by Timothy Everest. Features that attract:
  • It is tweed.
  • It is woven in Yorkshire by Abraham Moon, established 1837.
  • It is unlined and unstructured, which is not common for tweed jackets, so is good for cycling in.
  • It looks a bit like one Dirty Harry wore.

One of the best things about the jacket is that I've been able to put it in the washing machine a few times, on a wool wash setting, and after a careful press and stiff brush it comes out good-as-new. The buttonholes have gone a bit stretched, but that's probably the pressure I'm exerting on them from within. But a tweed jacket in the washing machine means no gambling with dry cleaners.

Well done Moon, this jacket is providing very good service. I'm sure I'll be throwing it on for many years to come.

Moon also produce cloth for other clothes retailers. The picture below is from Jack Wills. This is encouraging. For locally sourced materials maybe we should look to the Moon.


  1. Would You know where could one find jackets from Moon's tweed today? The blog post mentions M&S and Jack Wills, but as much I can see from their websites, no such jackets are being sold... Do you think one might have better luck going around the stores?

  2. I bought the jacket a while ago. Not sure if M&S still produce anything similar right now. I'll be in touch with Moon soon and I'll ask them and post a comment here if they have any information.

  3. John Walsh from Abraham Moon kindly provided us with some insider information, telling us that some brands will not use mill labels in their garments, but many do like Thomas Pink, Boden, Nigel Hall, Jack Wills, Nick Holland and Joe Casely Hayford. Current collections will offer Summer qualities in linen and cotton so this might be why you can't find Moon tweed on the market at present. Mr. Walsh has suggested that you wait until August or September, when the Winter collections will start to arrive. All the above brands will feature “Moon” in their Winter 2011collections.

  4. I am American, and have just discovered Moon tweed via Boden US retailers. Looks amazing. And, I am happy to say that a blazer constructed of Moon brown multi coloured tweed is en route to me, as I type! How exciting!

  5. I am American and just discovered Moon tweed via Boden US retailers. Looks amazing! And, I'm happy to report that a blazer constructed of Moon brown multi-coloured tweed is en route to me as I type! How exciting!

  6. Glad to hear that Moon is available over in the States. Hope the blazer l. You'll find it ives up to your expectations. All the best, Tweedy.

  7. I have a Moon Sport Coat for sale in my Consignment shop.
    Madison, Ga. 706-343-1555

    Man's 42 Reg (?)

    Thank you

  8. Moon jacks are avaible in M&S. Search for herritage collection.

  9. M&S are doing a satorical Moon tweed for 99 pounds, just bought one


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