Put on Your Coate's

In shaving circles there was no more auspicious name than Coate's for shaving cream. When rumours circled that Coate's was no more, there was talk on shaving forums of pots changing hands for ludicrous sums, such was the renown of the product. If you search hard you can still locate the odd pot.

Coate's was established in 1847, and based for the main part of its existence in Somerset, England. It looked like this fine brand was to be consigned to shaving history. But this story has a happy ending, chums. The Gentleman's Shop rode to the rescue and took the brand under its wing, if you permit me to mix my metaphors. Not only does the brand live on, but it continues to be made in the UK. Hurrah!
Sensitive-skinned soul
Being a sensitive-skinned soul, I favour shaving creams scented with rose or almond. The first batch of new Coate's is a glycerine and coconut oil-based shaving cream that contains tea tree and rosemary essential oils. This should suit me very well too. More scents are due to follow.

The application of shaving cream and brush really is the best way to shave. Here, Robert Johnston of The Gentleman's Shop offer some tips:


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