The Twinings' Ladies

The Fightback Against Beakers of Coffee

Above all, I'm a tea pig. Not for me a pint of coffee out of a cardboard beaker.

I like to drink strong tea in mugs in the morning, as hot as I can bear, and with a dash of milk and no sugar. Session tea, if you will.
Nice with a couple of slices of Madeira cake
I'll go a bit fancier in the afternoon; maybe adding some loose-leaf white tea or oolong in an infuser. Loose tea is usually superior to tea bags, as the size of the leaf is much bigger to the dusty 'fannings' that are used in most tea bags. However, I'm quite taken with the Twinings Limited Edition Floral Black Teas and the handsome boxes that they come in. Most attractive ladies. Blossom Earl Grey will refresh after a heavy meal, and Rose Garden is nice with a couple of slices of Madeira cake and Blossom Dearie playing in the background. Twinings is a name you can trust in teas.


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