Street Music - English Folk

Melodious Melodeon

The name of the instrument is a melodeon. The one he is playing is French-made, but tuned to an English style which uses the D and G keys. His name is Will Searby and he's from Bath. He has been playing since April 2009 and started because of his love of English folk. Looking good in tweeds and bow-tie too.

The Tweed Pig, being partial to the mellifluous sounds of the melodeon, wishes him well. Whilst we're waiting for a recording from young Will, we can sample the works of Tim van Eyken and John Spiers, part of the new guard of English folk. I'm waiting to see Tim van Eyken live, he'd been working on the play War Horse in London for quite a while, but I've seen John Spiers with John Boden a couple of times. It is surprising what a big sound can be made by accoustic instruments - folk music definitely needs to be heard live and with a decent pint of ale.


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