Trethowan’s Dairy - Blessed are the Gorwydd Caerphilly Makers

Out on the hunt for some new cheese highs, I came across a stand (as if by magic) for Threthowan's Dairy. They were out selling their incredible Gorwydd Caerphilly live and direct.

Finger pointing is acceptable
You don't need phonetic classes to learn to pronounce the name of the cheese before ordering, finger pointing is acceptable. And delicious stuff it is too. The cheese is unpasteurised, matured for two months and is wonderfully creamy.

Plated-up with some grapes, home-made savoury biscuits and a decent Chardonnay it went down a treat whilst watching Pepe le Moko ruling the roost in La Casbah of Algiers.
Associating Pepe le Moko with Welsh cheese
This just might be the first post associating Pepe le Moko with Welsh cheese. And why not?


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