Labels That Never Die

Styled in the UK?

The Farah label seems to be popping up in shops again and I'm wondering why? The clothes say Styled in the UK. Is this meant to imply an authentic British heritage, but at the same time use global labour and materials? Weren't they ostensibly an American/Hong Kong company? It all seems a bit bogus. We need to be wary, chums, if we're to seek out the genuine when every company now seems keen to promote some sort of heritage and provenance. Farah clothes have always seemed pretty naff to Tweedy's eyes, even for a company that described itself as a 'manufacturer and marketer of medium-priced men's and boy's apparel'.

Well, if Farah's not to Tweedy's taste, it is notable for two previous flowerings when its slacks were reasonably popular with men in the UK. In the early 80s casual scene they would be matched with an Argyle sweater. They were donned again for the late 80s to early 90s acid jazz scene, worn semi-ironically along with Gabicci polo-shirts, Gucci loafers and white jeans.

Corduroy - The Band

Corduroy were a good acid jazz ensemble. I first encountered the music of the brothers in the band, 'Great' Scott and 'Big' Ben, as Boys Wonder. Boys Wonder had a good London mod sound and a pop-art look about them (as above), and they were great live. With Corduroy they moved on to creating jazz-sleaze soundtracks, reminiscent of Lalo Schifrin and Alan Hawkshaw.

Here's one to wash your E-type to.


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